7 Keys to a MOSTLY Happy Baby


Acid Reflux


Sleepless nights



Spit up

Crying, Crying, Crying…..

The very things that make us question why we’re doing this… Voluntarily, putting ourselves through the misery! And again you ask me; “Why would you put yourself through it 5 times….IN A ROW???”.

Well I guess you could say practice makes perfect…LOL Totally kidding…

**Ok I have to put a disclaimer on this before I go on because I am not pretending to have anything perfected and there are a lot of things I have not been through, like C-section, NICU, or prematurity’s.*** With that being said here are the things that have been proven consistent over the course of having 5 babies and a miscarriage that have held true to having a healthy happy baby…and mama too.

  1. Happy Mama.

    1. Daily Bible reading. Ideas I’ve found especially when your busy trying to juggle it all …biblerest
      1. Bible apps that have a daily verse. reading and praying over that verse and keeping it in mind pondering that always help me get through the day.
      2. A Proverb a day in accordance with the day of the month since there are 31 books in Proverbs!
      3. I’ve also heard the Psalms described as a spiritual multi vitamin.
    2. Get dressed.

      1. You’d be surprised how much better you feel throwing on a different pair of yoga pants, a clean tank, and throwing your hair up will do *wink*.
    3. Sunshine…The natural Vitamin Dnatremedmama

    4. Choose to Breastfeed.

      1. Breastfeeding and the hormone oxytocin has been proven to relax the mother and aid in baby blues. Not to mention helping ward off breast cancer and all the many other benefits.
    5. Ask Your Hubby For Help!!! Seriously, men are not mind readers, no matter how obvious it is they don’t know you need help…(sorry guys, we love ya)dadhelp

    6. Ask For Outside Help.

      1. Family
      2. Friends
      3. Church
      4. The neighbor….Eh, just kidding, unless you really know and trust them.
    7. Most Of All Rest!!!

      1. The first week do ABSOLUTLY NOTHING but lounge around feeding baby, dosing off, and stuffing your face with protein, healthy fats and water. Ok maybe absolutely nothing is a bit much but seriously much else and you’ll pay for it eventually.
      2. The second week continue to take it extremely easy, do things in 5-10 minute increments, seriously set a timer and go! then rest a while.
      3. After the first 2 weeks start setting your timer a bit longer. See if there is a rhythm to your day an figure out the best times to take some cat naps, do dishes ect… these will change as soon as you figure them out so don’t write them in stone LOL.
    8. Just keep up with these things. Not everyday will be great but not ever day will be bad either so just remember that God has called you to this ministery of motherhood and he will fill the gap where you fall short…GRACE!
  2. Breastfeeding. I’ll just let this Diagram do the talking. bf

  3. Baby Wearing.bw

    1. Keeping baby upright after feeds aids in digestion and helps relieve acid reflux and colic.
    2. Being hands free helps you get things done and care for other children.
    3. Babies and mommies love the snuggles.
    4. Less bulky than a stroller.
  4. Creating Healthy Sleep Habits.

    1. Here are some websites I like that may help you figure out what’s best for your family. here, and here.
    2. We set up a bedtime routine the day our oldest son was born and I believe its been the most consistent thing we’ve ever done lol. Story, Song (we have a hymnal at home), prayer, kisses hugs, and then bed!
    3. Putting babies to bed at a decent hour has proven to be beneficial. Studies have proven children thrive with earlier bedtimes. Keeping hem up so they’ll sleep longer isn’t always the case. In fact, it can be quite the opposite, they wont necessarily sleep as long or as well.
    4. Look for cues of sleepiness before the grumpy whiney monster creeps in and takes over. Such as yawning, eye rubbing, loosing interest in playing, ect…
    5. Consider co-sleeping with a sidecar crib at night, especially if your nursing at all hours of the night and sleep deprived. We had a setup like this…dsc01189
  5. Daily Rhythm

    1. Keeping a mostly consistent rhythm to your day can help babies know what to expect next and can lead to less meltdowns.
  6. IT’s OKAY for baby to cry for a bit.

    1. Sometimes, you know, they just need to blow off steam! You CANNOT keep them happy all the time. Sometimes you just got to poor yourself a glass of Dr. Pepper, grab a Reese’s Cup and sit out on the porch and gather your sanity, It wont kill them if daddy has to hold them for a sec, or you have to place them in their pack n play or crib for 5 minutes, they will be better off for it with a mommy who has gathered herself again to go another round…am I right???


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