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How We Were Blessed With a 15 Passenger Van



This Van has turned out to be a huge blessing to our family in the last 2 1/2 years. When we found ourselves pregnant yet again, expecting another little blessing,  our poor GMC Sierra was already bursting at the seams.

Thomas  and I started checking out every possible option knowing that our 4th child was probably not going to be the last. Besides, I needed extra room because I was going to be babysitting as well. Thomas, in his “frugality” (LOL) wasn’t going to spend more than he had too. I was just afraid whatever he got would need a lot of work and would barely be ready in time for our baby girl to get here.

He finally came across this website that sold used government vehicles by auction. He was pretty sure they would be well cared for.

Well…..I know my hubby….and he ended up bidding on one that had a blown engine!

Even with a blown engine though $600 was a really good deal! My hubby promised me low mileage Dodge V8’s are cheap and plentiful at the local “Pull-A-Part” yard. Considering we had to pay $1200 (ouch) to have it hauled from North Carolina, we were still making out way better than scrounging the used car lots for a full size van.

When the tow truck got to our house I went outside to watch our $600 van (with a supposedly blown engine) be DRIVEN off the truck! The transport driver told us he had to turn the key over to unlock the steering and when he did, the engine fired right up! He said the seller’s jaw dropped because he knew he’d just undersold the van by at least $2000. We had our local mechanic check everything out and he gave it a clean bill of health.

We’ve had to do little repairs here and there since then, like replacing the front fender (I clipped a light post) *ouch again*. And the many scratches and scrapes all over the body that are skillfully hidden by the awesome blue flames hubby artfully sprayed on.

We have been tremendously blessed and continue to be blessed by this sweet thing every day! We’ve even filled her up (all 13 seats) a few different  times with friends and family going across town and we’ve taken several long cross country road trips with her, just like were about to do again next month!

” But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19



Here’s how we have it set up right now:


John and Matthias in this row, I just love his car seat!


Next row Lucas and Joanna, with an extra seat for the little girl I babysit:

These little seat belt adjusters are the best option for us.


Marcus has volunteered to be the caboose for now, but we try to rotate every now and then so no one gets lonely back there.


Thumb suckers 😛

The other rear seats are sideways for some odd reason but it gives us a good amount of cargo area for the double stroller, camping chairs for soccer and a large tote of stuff for the Salvation Army that seems to never get dropped off *oops* lol.


Anyways, that’s what we have for now and I pray we have many more years with her!




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