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The Most Important Battle



What do you think of when those words are used together?

Everyone of us is fighting a battle…or many different battles at once. But no matter what, as mothers we need to be sure we are fighting the main battle. The battle for our children’s souls! Through every

“don’t call your brother names”


“use your words if you want a drink, I don’t understand grunting”


“for the 10th time get your shoes on, we’re late”

You are fighting Satan for their souls and when we give into the temptation and give in to their antics or lose our temper and throw a mommy sized tantrum, Satan gets his foot in there a little bit more. We have to hide God’s word in our heart so we can fight Satan with that Sword. Pray for wisdom on how to battle every “eye roll” or full out “on the floor tantrum” because you gave your toddler water and not juice.

Because those “small” battles are big in the sight of God!

WhenWeFearForOurChildren (1)


2 thoughts on “The Most Important Battle

  1. What an important thing to remember! Yes, lots of little battles every day, but teaching them to love the Lord and follow Him is absolutely number one priority!!


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