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Easter 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

About every other year or so it seems we are traveling up north with family around this time of year. Therefore, we don’t really have any set traditions yet. We don’t really talk about Easter much in the context of bunnies here at our house,  but I do think all the egg hunting and candy is fun for the kids. I like shopping for small gifts for them although they don’t need anything…seriously you should see our house!!!

Normally we have a “Family” Easter Basket. We share everything in it! Something we will all enjoy ( or at least all the kids lol).


Usually it consists of a kiddie pool of some kind. This year I chose this hoping it will be easier to clean. We may need to get a second pool as well but I haven’t set it up yet to see.

I LOVE Laying out all the kids church clothes on the couch for church the next day!


We did die a few eggs!


Sunday morning thy had a race to find them!

We did a bigger hunt for plastic eggs that afternoon but I failed to get any pics of that *oops*. They found eggs with numbers in them and turned in the numbers for prizes.

Before we left for church Thomas tried to get their group picture while I was getting ready….th photo were interesting…4 little ones trying to do a group photo…need I say more??? But he did manage to get a couple good ones!


And a good friend was able to get a family photo in the church courtyard after service! Our first pic as a family of 7, and Matthias is almost 10 months old lol.



So my closing thoughts are…. If you feel inclined to let your kids have fun with this….


Make sure your teaching them real meaning of Easter….or as I like to call it Resurrection Day….



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