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Ok, I have to start by saying this may not be your ordinary homeschool post with a perfect schedule, a magazine perfect homeschool room, and all the children sitting with their notebooks open or on their computer with headphones on…..

We HOME school! In our HOME! In which we live 24/7….and I have 5 very small children, I babysit, and My hubby has college classes 2 nights a week. So If your seeking encouragement on how to keep up the house, schedule a perfect day, or how to PERFECTLY homeschool with a baby and a toddler; this is probably not the post for you.

Currently, we use our dining room as our “school room”. It kinda just happened after we decided to make our home office into the playroom ( that’s a whole other story). But the thing is we all migrate to the table for everything…Legos, crafting, eating, schooling, sewing, not to mention our collect all.

See for yourself:

When I found out my oldest was advanced for his age I was thrilled and gung-ho to begin our homeschool. He was reading at 3 years old. Against all the blogs I read and what older women had said I just had to begin! So I made a little calendar board, and set up our little school room complete with desks our church was getting rid of. Needless to say, now nearly 4 years in and we have found ourselves burnt out. My son who hasn’t even turned 7 yet is halfway through 2nd grade, and he is doing VERY well BUT….He is beginning to get a negative attitude towards school. It was not my intention, and I was warned, but I sit here now and I tell you …IT WILL HAPPEN!!! You and your children will burn out. Please don’t get in a hurry to “school” your children…at least not in the sense of sitting down with 10 workbook pages…at 3, 4, or even 5 years old. Children need time to play, as well as time to be bored. lol. That’s when learning begins!

We are currently using Heart of Dakota Which is a Charlotte Mason type of learning. I bought it for its ease of use, biblical teaching, and hands on learning. My older 2 are currently in Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory together although, they have different Math, Writing, and Reading, they share history, bible, science, and a few other subjects this curriculum has to offer. Now I’m going to tell you, I do NOT follow this curriculum strictly, and there are days we don’t follow it at all…


My husband and I have really been rethinking the way we are teaching our children as we learn more about them, and how they grow and learn, and as we glean information from others. We are seeing more value in the unschooling movement than we had before, although I don’t think I could fully  say we want to unschool, some days it seems as though that’s what we’re doing.

STEM…Electronics, and learning about gathering copper to make money. My son loves his snapcircuts:

Sewing a gift:




Geology: My kids like this gem and mineral game/collection:


Toddlers cooking:


Prewriting and Cursive:

Not to Mention biblical studies! We aren’t as diligent as we were when hubby was home every morning with our bible story time 😦 Although our congregation has a wonderful bible bowl program that my son was able to participate in even though he was technically too young. He did so good!

So you see my children have tons of opportunity to learn throughout everyday life.

We greatly believe in Character over Curriculum at our house. We will skip a weeks worth of school to work on our attitudes and behavior and just getting along again.

I want my children to learn to love God and each other…and trust me, the latter is a full time job!!! I want them to have the foundation they need when they go out into the world saving souls, and making wise choices. What is it if they grow up rich and extremely well educated but don’t follow and obey Christ.

Teaching and training children has to do with teaching and training the whole child, its a constant process starting at  THEIR birth and ending when YOU go to Heaven….so be sure its on the forefront of your mind as you go about each day…What are your children learning???





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