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Is it summer yet? Setting Up The Kiddie Pool

So I am a little upset because I really wanted to add a video to this post but I’m still learning here and it wouldn’t download for some reason. *boo-hoo*

Anyways, I had promised the kids on Easter we would set up the pool Friday so here it is Friday and at 7:30 this morning they were ready to hold me to that promise. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I did NOT want to do it! It has to be cleaned every few days, then there’s drippy wet kids running in and out of the house all day wild and bickering. Anyways, mommy had to have an attitude adjustment before we went on.

This is the pool we decided on this year as opposed the pools we’ve had in the past:


I have always thought these pools looked kind of junky in other people’s yards but I really wanted something easy to empty and clean every other day.

It took a little bit to figure out, as far as getting it all laid out. But I eventually got it straightened out and it seems as though its going to be a good pool or them. The water was cold but they had a blast today… twice!


Needless to say, I guess we’re beginning our summer fun a little early.




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