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I woke up this morning to my 2 year old daughter down the hall crying at 5am. So as I’m walking toward her I’m telling her that it its not quite morning and I get her back into bed. I leave her room and began to walk to mine to curl back up in that cozy bed hoping for ever ounce of sleep I can get…

I mean that’s where I’ve been for nearly 7 years. In the hallway on my way back to my room to try to get more sleep. BUT this time, I turned around and headed downstairs, thinking to my self, I just nursed the baby not that long ago, Thomas isn’t getting up for work, the kids are in bed and I desperately need a shower. I mean, not just a shower… My hair had been wadded up in a clip for Lord knows how many days and honestly I have no idea when I   combed it last let alone showered. NEGLECT. Of myself.I get out of the shower and after combing my long matted mop of hair, that’s still falling out 10 months postpartum, NEGLECT, of my hair.

As I’m walking out of the bathroom I realize how much I could do BUT I head to the couch grab my bible because, all those times crawling back into a comfy bed have allowed me to NEGLECT, time with GOD.

The definition of neglect: Fail to care for properly.

Neglect sounds like such a horrible word. I always picture starving children or something. But fail to care for properly… I do that everyday. Sometimes out of selfishness, feeling like I deserve a break because these kids have made my day so rough. Or laziness, Oh the mess can wait till tomorrow, I’m sleepy and The hubby doesn’t really seem to care much anyways about the mess and the kids will just undo what I did!

I remember ( and have often adopted) a phrase my mom use to use frequently, “its just easier to do it myself”, and ill admit it sure is, But in doing so there is NEGLECT. We neglect to bring our children along side us working with us helping us and teaching them …more than just how to work but how to converse, be patience, how to make work lighter and maybe more fun as a team, all the while keeping them out of trouble.

As mothers, we tend to feel like we need to do it ALL but when we realize we cant we NEGLECT. We neglect ourselves first, its sacrifice right???!!! Then we tend to neglect time with God, and maybe with our hubby, then little by little the house and kids. Now don’t get me wrong, the kids are well fed, and have good toys to keep them busy, and they get a kiss goodnight and maybe a quick story before bed. And we kiss our hubby on his way out the door. But what about getting off Facebook to play that board game, or remembering those little lunchbox notes you use to send with the hubby to work.

So Mamas, Let us take back our homes, our kids, our hubbies, ourselves, and our relationship with our Savior. It may take baby steps and it wont be perfect all at once but…you know…

His Grace is sufficient!!!




2 thoughts on “Neglect…

  1. Aww, haha neglect is definitely a word that brings to mind some pretty awful things! But I actually didn’t know its true meaning until now. You’re right, doing everything myself is “easier” but teaching and working together is infinitely better!! ^_^

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  2. I love this!!
    (& I’m reading it while lying in bed, 3 sleeping children in the next room, sleeping husband beside me & a sleeping newborn on my lap, & contemplating going to sleep & just showering in the morning instead of now…@ 2:10 am!! I’m terrible about neglecting myself & putting everyone else above myself, slowly trying to remember to take care of myself too)
    What better time to read this article ❤


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