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Delicious Sugar Free Low Carb Chocolate Milk Recipe (kid approved)

About 3 months ago Thomas set out on a low carb journey while on a month long business trip. When he got back we decided we would go low carb sugar free as a family. Thomas has done very well and has only cheated once or twice. The rest of us on the other hand follow it a little looser. But we still gave up bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and baked goods in the home. We also gave up cows milk. We gave up the milk mainly because it raises blood sugar levels and although, none of us really have blood sugar problems we would rather not develop them either. We would really love to get our hands on some raw cows milk or goats milk straight from the tap… Well indirectly that is LOL. Thomas and I BOTH come from families of dairy farmers so this was in our blood and hard to think of giving up.

Anyways, This is how we make our chocolate milk now, and the kids LOVE it and so do I!

First of all you need a blender…any old blender will do. I do plan to upgrade soon though to a blender food processor combination.


Then you need unsweetened Almond milk. About 4 cups to start:


4 heaping TBS of cocoa powder

3 TBS Nunaturals (stevia) powder, or your favorite sweetener to taste

Blend until thoroughly mixed:

Poor the blended mixture into a gallon pitcher with a lid:


Next, add about 32oz of half and half, or 16oz of heavy whipping cream. We have found that the half and half is cheaper to use but both work great:

Lastly, Fill up your pitcher the rest of the way with unsweetened almond milk and stir:


Good to the last drop!!!





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