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Nothing Is Set In Stone

For me, spring time always seems to bring a restlessness… a desire for change. Thomas and I always end up entering spring with a strong desire to sell all we own and find a place back in the woods with a little land and homestead. We just cant settle with the uncertainty of it all. But we do desire to have more space to spread our wings a little. A place where we can have more than 6 chickens, and a goat, or whatever. Where our boys can go out in the woods and be boys.


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living across the street from a grocery store and having a radiology center in my back yard *chuckle*. But If we could find a place where we could have a little piece of land and Thomas could still have a good job, and not have to drive an hour to get there, it would be so wonderful. Recently we have seen possibilities!!! Jobs paying what he’s making now in areas with lower cost of living, closer to family all around.



BUT… Before we get carried away, we need to deal with our current situation. Our house. Our only piece of debt.

ourhouse7years ago
our house 7 years ago when we moved in

We have a couple major issues that have to be fixed and a few cosmetic things as well.

At this moment I have no idea what’s going to happen but I know what dreams and desires we have and I know that those dreams are within reach. country living

So I’ll be doing my best to bring you all along on this journey with us. Between home updates, decluttering and minimizing our “stuff“, and updating you on decisions and plans we make. I’m so excited about our future and look forward to each and every day of it!




2 thoughts on “Nothing Is Set In Stone

  1. We are just beginning our homestead adventure, after 11 years of living in the big city and working for “the man”. Last summer we moved 1400 km (almost 900 miles) back home to our roots to raise our kids in the country. Fixing up and selling the house is a lot of stress and work, but definitely worth it!
    – Christine


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