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DITL: Soccer and Yard clean Up


So today was game day! Our 2nd and 3rd boys play soccer this year and this is their team minus one (I took this before the game). The Lightning Bolts have done very well this season they are 5 & 1 with only 1 game left (woo hoo)! I tell you what, I love my boys having these opportunities but man is it exhausting committing to this. We did basketball with the oldest and a couple weeks break then soccer began. I’m happy to say we are done with sports for the summer at least. 🙌

Our set up at soccer games. Sometimes we have a 3rd chair for John.

After the game we rushed home. Thomas and I had a ton of work to do and wanted to just plow through. I knew we both had a lot on our plates this past week and a lot to catch up on indoors and out ,BUT mine was do to laziness and distraction on my part and can be caught up during the coming week. Thomas is in night classes twice a week so on those days he leaves at 5:30 am and doesn’t get home till nearly 10pm. Therefore he needed today to cut grass and such. Anyways, I decided my work could wait and that we would have a family yard work day. Even the babies helped!


Of course I was imagining more getting done, we did get a lot accomplished. You have to do a lot of stopping with little ones if you hadn’t noticed . Here’s a tour of our yard and my ramblings about our “plans”.

I’m hoping to get together a list of all we need to do and a general timeline to do it in with our schedule the way it is. We may be pulling some late nighters or getting busy in the early mornings but we can knock out these tasks and get this place in tip top shape in no time…..well, in the Lords time anyways!

Continued prayers as we enter a season of change, that the Lord will make his will clear and we will go where he leads.



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