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DITL: Preparing For Our Trip Up North


Every spring we try to get up north to see family and friends. It’s that time of year again and This week is “prep week”. Yes it takes a whole week to get this crew ready and the house prepared to set empty for 2 whole weeks. Yesterday I had some paper work to do, an errand to run, I gathered all the dirty clothes from upstairs and picked up swept and vacuumed the living room. Trust me its better than it was!

Todays to do list:

  • Clean up, vacuum, and sweep the dining room.
  • Clean out and vacuum van.
  • Get all the laundry done. Friday I’ll wash what has accumulated and last minute things. including blankets and pillowcases we will take with us.
  • Make a shopping list of things to buy for the trip.
    • disposable diapers
    • low carb/sugar snacks
    • toiletries
    • ect…

This morning before Joanna and the older boys woke up I made them a gallon of chocolate milk, and got my oats that had been soaking all night in the oven to dehydrate. (soaking oats and nuts removes the phytates that make them hard for our body to digest, and makes them more bioavailable so our body can absorb their nutrients.) This is my first time doing this so we will see how I goes.


Dining Room, Check:


*big sigh* Much better


I do have to say, I have been in some kind of funk lately. I wouldn’t really call it depression per say but definitely closely related. But I perform  better under pressure. I’m normally not this productive. But that could be because we aren’t doing school right now.

The oats got all dried out nice and good and I got them all crushed back up in small pieces. Friday I will use them to make granola bars for the kids to eat while traveling!


Then after lunch the kids (off and on) and I went out and cleaned the van out. We didn’t do an amazing job or anything because I was trying to get it done before Thomas got home. But we got it done none the less and it is ready for me to fill up over the next few days!



Then of course we had to stop to swing a bit lol.


Got a bit more laundry to do and dinner to make but over all a good productive day! I’m sure we are all ready to hit the road Saturday morning. I plan to keep you updated as we go but as life happens we’ll see how that goes. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer break and takes the time to enjoy it!




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