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This has been a hard week. I haven’t felt my best. My hormones are going a little crazy and there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it right now and the little I can do; taking my vitamins regularly, completely staying away from sugar and carbs for more than a couple days, getting more than 4-5 broken hours of sleep, drinking my water; I’m not consistently doing. My body is half saying, your body is ready to make more babies and half saying WAIT a sec, you still have one eating every 3 hours all day and night. I really strongly dislike hormones!!! My mind is conflicted about night weaning. I don’t want to be selfish and take that away from him for my own selfish reasons.

Thomas is in class 2 nights a week and I have been picking up the slack … its not a lot but sometimes the selfish ungrateful side of me thinks it is. It’s funny(but not really) how easy it is to begin feeling entitled.

We’re leaving on our trip this weekend and babies are beginning to pass around runny noses and fussiness, yes fussiness is contagious! And of course its perfect timing to spread germs to the rest of the family country wide. Sorry everyone… I swear… its just a runny nose…so far.

I’ve accomplished a lot for the trip this week and have been loading the van as I go, under the instruction of a certain 2 yr old. Everyone’s clothes are packed, jackets in case its chilly, swimwear in case its hot, pack n play for the baby and sleeping bags for all the other kids. I finally got our last bit of green grass cut , now the whole yard matches, brown and dead looking…that’s how we roll in south Texas! I will be so nice to see GREEN up north. I still have a lot to do before we roll out in the morning. Now that we’re acclimated to day shift we are hoping to get an early start.

Our Basic Itinerary:

Oklahoma, Dads farm

Missouri, sisters house

Illinois, Awesome Friends(*family*) house

Indiana, brothers house; see mom, sister, friends ect…

Dads farm again

Drive home

We love how we are able to have the trip all broken up like this. It helps make the drive not seem to take so long. And we don’t have to pay for any hotels like when we go to Florida! I wish we could make it to Iowa this year but there just isn’t a lot of time and not a lot of people are able to visit in the middle of the week so hopefully next year we can plan better.

When we get back I plan to begin working on our “Home Repair Budget”, so I can start working on getting things knocked off the list. The first order of business will be a new upstairs toilet. Oh how I cannot wait to have a second working toilet again! It’s the simple things right?!

Some of our projects will include:

new upstairs toilet

fixing both bathroom sink drains ( one of which requires a wall being ripped out between the upper and lower floor (*yikes*)

new kitchen floor

fresh paint in a few areas

replacing trim on the exterior of a few windows

and a few more that may or may not get done…

So yah we have enough to keep us busy! and Thomas will still be in school so we hope to be able to have a few things hired out.

Anyways, as the Lord wills we will do this or that!


When’s nap time again?



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