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Life Update

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Hey Everyone, I know its been forever, but I thought id give an update about what’s been going on over here in hopes to get started back up again. So I just gonna give you 10 updates for our family in no particular order because I really need grace lately and my brain isn’t fully firing half the time LOL.

  1. If you haven’t heard already we are pregnant! Yes AGAIN! I have been the most nauseous I’ve ever been from the VERY beginning. The hormones are definitely strong with this one…could be a girl??? Since I’m sick, tired, breaking out, losing my hair, ect… I mean only girls can do that to you right?!19875289_10209485651686717_6523425859615294368_n
  2. Matthias turned 1, and he’s so close to walking! John turned 7going on 14 attitude and all. And my awesome hubby is one more year closer to 40 lol, at the ripe ol age of 37 lol gotta tease him lol.


3. So as far as moving is concerned, that’s not happening anytime soon 😥  for this I just have to lean on Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. He knows my heart but I need to be content and make the most of where we are right now, so I practice contentment. Thomas didn’t accept the Job up north for lack of pay. He applied for a leadership job here where he works as well and didn’t receive that position.

4. Thomas is continuing school at the moment for Aircraft Electrical Maintenance Management, but will be transferring his credits soon so he can pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. We all miss him, even when home he has homework and cant really be disturbed so its almost like he’s gone then too, BUT we can do this, wont be forever right???

5. We have been preparing for our homeschool to start back up. We kind of stopped abruptly in May so we could start our summer. John is half way through lets just say 2nd grade lol, its complicated lol. Lucas had already started 1st grade and was about a month in so we’ll continue with that. And Marcus had just begun Kinder and will continue with that as well. Little Miss Joanna has recently become interested in all the Leap Frog learning shows, Team Umizoomi, so she’s got that stuff going on and she’s my little teachers assistant. We plan to group some of our subjects this year to make it more of a family learning environment. One of the things we are going to do it Apologia Anatomy and Physiology with the Jr. Notebook and I have a few puzzles and things for them to do.

6. This week the kids have been enjoying VBS. We have been having fun but you can tell the kids are ready to be done, they are so tired and cranky.

7. I’m excited to say I’m (Lord willing) finally getting my mom here in September for a visit! It’s hard living so far away from her.

8. I have been enjoying a new book, I finally found someone who wrote a book about cleaning house that gets me LOL.


9. With being pregnant (Hormones), not moving like we wanted, and my house be so incredibly trashed constantly, its kind of driven me into a bit of a blues or super mild depression. I’m trying no to constantly dwell on things that aren’t important or things that don’t matter yet, like, who will watch ALL 5 of my kids when the baby comes in  over 6 months from now. Or things like How do you raise teens in the city, how do you keep them out of trouble without spending a complete fortune to have their life consumed by sports or clubs or something so they don’t have time to mess around with girls or drugs or whatever, I mean lets face it teen boys especially NEED to be busy. I know my crazy brain right??? Things like, I think I have to take EVERYTHING out of my house and hire someone to clean it and start fresh, that’s how hopeless it seems and  freeze and get on facebook because I’m overwhelmed by looking at the mess it prevents me fro just diving in.

10. Randomly, I’m seriously thinking about selling Lilla Rose Hair accessories. It’s only $50 to sign up and get the starter pack, and I wouldn’t be limited to selling locally.


Well there you have it. I pray my desire to write for you all comes back and I can post more often. But n the mean time feel free to ask me questions and tell me what you wanna know it’ll give me inspiration on what to write about.




3 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Congratulations! I’m sorry you’ve been so nauseous… Do you tend to have more nausea with a certain gender? I get really sick with girls but not with boys. I’m expecting baby #5 and because of the lack of nausea, I’m thinking it’s a boy. 🙂 Oh, and I’m due on Feb7th! Will be having a c-section in January, though. My youngest just turned one as well! Lots of similarities, huh? 😀


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