Sometimes Snuggling Babies Is Downright Annoying

Today I’m dealing with some old familiar feelings. Sometimes being a mom is no fun. Sometimes their neediness gets me so upset I can’t see straight.




Just a few of the feelings I’m dealing with today. And not just from them but from life in general. I feel like I just need the world and everything in it to pause for a minute so I can catch up, process things, remember who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing. And the impossibility of that upsets me.

I have so much that needs done, sooo much I WANT to do on top of that. But they interrupt me with their whining and needs and want me to just sit and hold them. Don’t they know that isn’t accomplishing anything. Snuggling them isn’t washing the dishes molding in the sink or the mountain of dirty damp laundry mildewing in the floor in front of the washer.


No, they have no idea, they don’t care.

All they want is love, warmth, comfort, security, so the can crawl down off your lap with a huge smile and suddenly stand up and walk across the room looking back at you with a smile like they’re a big shot and they just did the unimaginable.

They don’t care if you have a huge to do list, or if your sink and counters haven’t been cleared of dishes for 2 weeks. They just want you, to hold them, so they feel secure enough to do the growing and developing they need to do.


This phase of life is so hard, I’ve been in baby mode for nearly 8 years nearly all of my Marriage and the older kids are growing and their needs are changing so now I limbo between the babies, toddlers, kids with all their different needs and wants. Sometime I just want someone to physically pull me long telling me what to do and  tell me when I’m right or wrong. THEN, I realize, He’s always there, together we can do this…. AND







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