How To Take 5 Small Kids to The Park

  1. Realize you and the kids are stir crazy and need to get out.
  2. Decide that a picnic in a nice shaded park would be nice.
  3. Ask tons of people on Facebook and search the internet for a nice shaded park with picnic tables.
  4. Get no answers anywhere, and realize most parks where you live are not the dream park you imagine.
  5. Take to long searching and realize your Toddler really need his morning nap.
  6. Decide to let the toddler sleep one sleep cycle.
  7. Rush the kids to get ready and get out the door.
  8. Go into Walmart to pick up an order and buy lunchables and juice boxes and grapes.
  9. Drive to 3 different parks before you find one that’ll “do”.
  10. By now its way past lunch time and your all a bit grumpy.
  11. Sit down and have a nice lunch, well the kids eat while you help everyone keep their things from blowing away.
  12. Right before you get to eat your 2 year old says she has to pee and there are no pottys.
  13. Convince our 2 year old she can pee in a Styrofoam cup and head back to the van to do so, which she does surprisingly well with.
  14. Go back and sit down to eat your food when 2 year old gets stuck up on top the slide, got get her brother to go rescue her.
  15. Swing both toddlers for a few minutes only because its so stinking hot.
  16. Go back and try again to eat your sandwich and stop to serve all kids more grapes and juice boxes. Finally eat sandwich!!! Yay, success!
  17. Suddenly 2 big boys have too poop.
  18. Okay pack it up fast, I’m not cleaning anyone’s pants!!!
  19. Load up and buckle all kids back into the van and zoom home, hot sweaty, and tired.

And that’s how to take 5 small kids to the park step by step!!!



One thought on “How To Take 5 Small Kids to The Park

  1. We so get this. We fostered before we adopted our three boys and often had several young children near to one another in age. You have to plan and prepare for every outing. Especially, if you are homeschooling, which we now do.


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