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Baby #6 What’s The Gender?

A week ago today Thomas and I took our large brood of excited children to a jammed packed waiting room. Our 5 children and the girl I have baby sat for about 3 years or so. 6 kids under 8 in a jammed packed waiting room, so excited to find out whether or not they were having another brother or sister! We are always a sight everywhere we go with many stares. But the kids did as well as you can expect in a situation like that although I cringe at every tiny loud noise or wriggle they do especially if it causes someone to look our way. But after we waited as long as they could stand t was finally our turn.

The ultrasound tech was very patient with us and made sure to get the gender first to cure the children’s curiosity. And then we sat their and just marveled at all the parts of that tiny baby that the Lord is blessing us with… Well I did, Thomas was keeping the kids as quiet as possible with cheerios, they were seriously like little bird with their mouth open for one piece at a time.



And Alas, The Gender of our 6th baby is……


Drum roll please……




That makes 4 boys and 2 girls.

Lord willing baby girl…I mean Ava Susanne will be here around February 10th 2018!!!

The kids are so excited! And I’m beginning “feel” the pregnancy more every week.

I so cannot wait to meet her and to see the personality she will have!!!


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