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It’s Been a Long Week With Sick Kids: Working On Contentment: My Ramblings

In the midst of a week full of sick kids I find contentment to be very hard. You start out feeling bad for them but as the days drag on and they begin to drop like flies, you’ve wiped butts of diarrhea, cleaned up puke…even off yourself, wiped noses of babies who are fighting you the whole time and everyone is whiney, it’s just hard.


I woke up today thinking it would be the end and I was pumped and ready to get things cleaned up so we could get back to our normal routine. It was to no avail. I still have 2 1/2 sick kids, still cleaning up puke, and wiping diarrhea butts but I was blessed late this morning and I had 2 WHOLE COMPLETE hours where no one needed me and most of the children were sleeping!!! I was able to listen to K-LOVE, and do 95% of the dishes and make soup for the 1 semi healthy kid!!! It was like when the oldest boys were babies and they all napped in the afternoon…like actually slept not just “quiet time”. It was AWESOME!!!

A N Y W A Y S….

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dream of homesteading today, or this past week I should say. I realize its definitely going to take Gods hand to get there. So I’ve been tryin to take advantage of the stuff going on here in the city. Trying to “make the best of where I am”, to find contentment. After a couple weeks of being on the go and busy, busy, busy, and tired littles, I keep going back to my dream. I would really like to try to begin pursuing Urban Homesteading. Of Course I wont be able to have my milk goat 😦 and six/seven chickens wont give us enough eggs everyday but It would help!

So IF I were to pursue this I have a few things I need to do to get started…

  1. Get my yard under control.
  2. Get a fall garden in ASAP.
  3. Build a chicken tractor.


Also, the hubby wont be much help since he will be in school 2 nights a week and working 5-7 days a week, after this holiday weekend. PLUS I am nearly 5 1/2 months pregnant. But It can be done right???

So what do ya think? Should the kids and I go for it? What would you add to an Urban homestead in BURNING hot South Texas??? Chickens eat Mosquitoes right?

Also, before I forget, Lilla Rose is going live tonight, you don’t wanna miss it!





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