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Yay For Beginning Our Fall Garden

I’m so excited to say that we have started our fall garden, although we still have a lot of work to do.

DSCF1047 (2)DSCF1051DSCF1054

We have been so busy and in some sort of funk this year. Its just been really hard on a more personal level I guess. Thomas is on day shift this year and doing night classes that will last an eternity it seems like. My homemaking/keeping has gone to pot and some of our parenting as well.

I really do have a desire to get back out there doing all the things I know and love and dream to do but its hard to dig out of a pit…

I’ve never really been involved in the garden much. I’ve spent most my time pregnant or nursing or chasing toddlers lol. BUT mainly I guess because Thomas has a particular way he wants things set up and I would just till up a square, shove some plants in the ground and water them LOL but I guess there are better ways lol. Like placing them in the right sun/shade area, digging down a few feet and mixing compost and such in with the soil, and all that sort of thing. BUT I’m trying to learn.

So today I got out there and did my best and I think it was pretty good lol. Anyways, i enjoyed myself, even though my 2 years old dumped a shovel full of dirt on my head. Then when Thomas got home he had us take all the dried up weeds and grass he’d cut throughout the yard and “mulch” the bed. Now it’s time to prep one of our other beds for carrots and a few other things we’d like to plant. And it needs to be done SOON!



I know in order to make this gardening season successful I need to do more than my part to make it happen. Its only the beginning of our homesteading dream, and if we have to do it here in the city… I guess I’ll make the most of it!!!! Bring on the rabbits and chickens!!! LOL

Ain’t it cute???!!!



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