Taking A Step Back

Taking a step back.

Reviewing priorities.

Making sure our basic needs are met.

Making sure I’m doing things for his glory.

Making sure I’m doing what I can as a homemaker.

Getting back to the basics.

Finding balance.

Those are all the things I think of when I say I have really just needed to take a step back this week. I’ve had to get back to the basics and put off ALL the unnecessary.

In doing so, I’m finding, I’m able to begin enjoying motherhood again, enjoying my role as a wife and a homemaker.

I’ve sat in the yard and watched my kids play. I’ve tried new recipes that we’ve enjoyed with the secret ingredient of LOVE not frustration.


I’ve started taking over my husband’s garden that he no longer has time for.


The kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed the fall weather. And in becoming super interested in the true “ART” of homemaking!

Everything goes so much smoother when you go with God’s will not against it.


His Grace is wonderful isn’t it???!!!


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