Where Have I Been???

Hey everyone! It’s been months!!! So what have I been up to???

Well, remember that little blessing that the Lord had growing inside me??? Here she is!!!

Meet Ava Suzanne 💖 she was induced on January 22nd and I had her around 4 in the evening! She’s been an Amazing blessing to our family and has for right in like I knew she would! God is so good, and he knew with a needy toddler and preschooler that is need an easy baby LOL.

BUT here’s the thing… She is already almost 3 1/2 months!!!!😱

so here is a few photos to show you what we’ve been up to! Throw some questions in the comments of your like..such as ARE YOU CRAZY? Or, How in the world do you do it? LOL


Bare with me as I get this blog back up and running. Praying the Lord will show be what direction to take it!

God bless!



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