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6 Blessings And 6 Challenges of Having 6 Kids





When Thomas and I got married we had already decided that if the Lord wanted us to have a big family we would gladly accept. We both came from larger than average families that go several generations back. I think it’s kind of bread in us… LOL. Anyways we decided to trust that the Lord knew what was best for us and we still do. I can not name ALL the countless ways he has been so faithful, from giving me a break between Marcus and Joanna (despite a miscarriage) after 3 boys in 3 years. I prayed and he answered and there was a 27 month gap which for me was a  big deal! Not counting that each baby added was such a smooth transition despite my occasional anxiety and self doubt. The Lord keeps his promises and is faithful, especially when we FULLY trust in him!

So here goes.

6 Challenges of Having 6 Kids

  1. The house… and keeping it clean…I threw that idea away 3 kids ago LOL. Then I settled for a pick up and put away house, and I really did try. Having 4 kids 5 and under, in order to keep my joy and be the mommy they needed me to be, I settled for I’ll get to it when I can. Now that I have 5, 6, and almost 8 year old boys we have established chores and they have responsibilities but with 8 people making messes and memories in a home 24/7, we settle for a “not entirely gross” house
  2. Keeping enough craft supplies on hand and accessible. These kids of mine are constantly drawing, cutting, gluing, creating, and things are constantly out of place missing or running out!
  3. OMGoodness….The shoes….shoes EVERWHERE…. and guess what….NO matches. I seriously tell the kids to get their shoes on 30 minutes or more before its time to go so they can go on an unsuccessful shoe hunt… EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  4. Don even get me started on feeding 6 kids! And yes I know, they aren’t even teens yet AHHHH! I still remember my brothers eating large butter tubs of cereal and/or multiple pbj sanwhiches for an after school snack!
  5. The fighting and bickering. Maybe I should get my black belt?! Or a referee shirt. I already have a whistle (totally not kidding).
  6. Not to mention trying to raise them up to be halfway decent functioning members of society and the Lords church. Will Proverbs 22:6 work?Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it

6 Blessings of Having 6 Kids

  1. Many hands (even tiny ones) really do make light work. Especially if they are trained… and with the right attitude.
  2. Helps you learn to enjoy things you might not have before. Like History, or reading those things called books that I really only skimmed through as a kid. I LOVE our read aloud time. And as for history… give me a couple years and I might know a thing or 2 I never tried to learn in 13 years of public school.
  3. You are NEVER ALONE…. Ok ok I know what your thinking, seriously a blessing?! But I have to have human interaction. A couple of pregnancies I’ve had to stay in the hospital to rest and have tests and I swear I almost lost my mind LOL I know call me weird.
  4. Having many children, or even one for that matter really help you develop your fruit of the spirit with which of course patience and self control may be the last things to develop… but hey your making daily strides right???Fruit-Of-The-Spirit-Poster
  5. The variety of strengths and weaknesses in this big of family creates an environment that helps everyone feel as though they have a place and that they do contribute. If one of those personalities with its particular strengths and weaknesses was gone they family dynamic would change entirely. Just like in the church, the body of Christ, everyone in the family has a job, feet, hands, head, heart, ect…
  6. And in this season, which I sometimes take for granted, The SNUGGLES….Oh my the snuggles…The never ending, I’m all touched out, you cant possible sit on my lap any longer snuggles. I regret the lack of affection my older 3 got. I merely thought I had to do certain things to survive and I was to rigid and didn’t allow for this but my younger 3 make up for it I tell ya!

    Blessed Beyond Measure!

    Hands and Heart are Full even if my house is messy. My kids and Hubby are LOVED!




4 thoughts on “6 Blessings And 6 Challenges of Having 6 Kids

  1. The shoes!! We are currently at the dentist and my five year old is wearing soggy wet shoes he left outside in the rain because we could not find mates to any dry ones😆it is constant…and the art supplies! All paper gone as soon as we bring it home, once they start they don’t want to stop! You are doing awesome 🤗 from one mom to another in this crazy stage of life!


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