We Survived A Road Trip With 6 Kids!

Yay we made it home after nearly 2 weeks and visiting 3 different states with 6 Kids under 8…. and NO DVD PLAYER  lol. I know the no DVD player seems foreign these days but when ours broke a couple years and we never replaced them. Things are actually much better without them in my opinion!


First we visited my dad’s dairy farm. Cows, pigs, chickens, guineas, ducks, and geese galore. Plus a giant guardian dog and kitties. The kids had an awesome time and always do!

Matthias and Grandpa


The kids and Annabelle
Making pudding parfets with Grandma
Joanna had her first ice ceam pop

After the farm we headed up to Indiana. My mother came down from the city to our families property in the country. My sister and her husband have a tiny cabin there. My sister LOVES having the children and always creates a fun time. This year she set up her yard like a toddlers dream with a tent ful of balls, baby pools, trycicles, and even brought a giant doll house outside. That had a BLAST, especially my (almost) w year old!



Although we were  sad to leave there, we were super excited to head to Illinois to our amazing friends house…. That really seem more like family. We loved spending time with them and celebrating their sons birthday and attending  church service.

Then is was time to begin our journey home. We stopped back past the farm on our way and enjoyed dinner and more visiting with the cows… I mean my dad and step mom💗

I really enjoy our trips each year. I think I could seriously be  a full time RVer or something…. Well maybe not FULL-time. The kids always do amazing (for kids trapped in a van for hours at a time).

But for now it’s time to get back to reality, back into a rhythm, it’s always a time for me to start fresh!

Happy summer vacation and summer time travel everyone!


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