3 Humbling Things I’m Learning Being A Mother Of 6

Hey everyone! Let me just tell you…. this thing called life and motherhood has been HARD this week! The kids have been fighting like cats and dogs, the girls are passing around a cold and ear junk. The hubby got put on overtime along with his already full schedule. And we’re been running somewhere every day for over a week so the house is bad…i mean awful…gross… bad! I’m just not as disciplined as some of you mamas but I honestly CAN’T  handle stressing over it all as I pointed out in my last post.  So I’ve been taking baby steps to declutter. I mean very tiny baggy steps lol. Anyways, tonight as I was grabbing a much needed shower I was muling over some things in my mind. Some things that have humbled me greatly since baby #6 came along.

#1. You know well, I Can’t Do It All!!! It’s probably to a fault some days but I always say, I’m an all or nothing person.  Ex: If I don’t think I can get ALL the dishes done right then i probably won’t touch them till I can.

#2. I need to work on loving my neighbor as myself. I heard someone say one time…i think it was another blog mommy but anyways, God’s word says to love our neighbor as ourself… and guess what or children are our neighbors too. Raising my voice, trying to ignore them, being short with them, or even not disciplining them when they need it is not loving them. It’s hard work raising a family who truley loves and cares for one another, and it starts with me… The mother sets the tone of the home, I’ve always known that but I need it drilled into my head daily.

#3. This one is good and humbling in a sense… My mothering has changed some in my nearly 8 years of Motherhood.  From cry it out sleep trainer to co- sleeping kinda attachment parenting mama. From strict schedule to a flowy routine written in dry erase. From no nonsence mama to… occasionally pleading with them to make a better choice so I don’t have to do the necessary deed.

Out of all these things I’m realizing most of all I need balance, I need to be ever improving my relationship with the savior and be in his word and in constant prayer with him.  I need to love my children whether it be a hug or the rod, a lecture or story snuggled up on mamas lap, no screen time for a week or a special outing with mommy alone.  I want to have fun…. bake cookies, let the toddler help with dishes and mop the floor with the mess he made. Not the uptight get out of my way mommy, because they are slow or messy or loud or whatever.

I want to enjoy all the days with them, and it starts with ME.




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