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Getting Out Alone, With Littles

I can still remember being pregnant with my second child. My boys were only going to be 15 months apart. I was anxious and scared before he was even born. How am I going to take care of 2 children, let alone in public? What if he wants to nurse and I have to keep my toddler occupied. All the what ifs and scenarios flooded my mind. Its funny to look back now after almost 8 years and 6 kids. Oh the places I’ve gone and things I’ve done alone. I’m sure not as much as some, but more than I could imagine 7 years ago.


I’ve collaborated with some other moms and come up with a list I’m calling 10 tips to stay sane while out with many littles.

10 Tips To Stay Sane While Out Alone With Littles:

  1. Have a plan. Know where you are going and what you are doing. Will you need to pack or buy lunch? Are you planning to be back at a certain time? What do you need to bring? Also, an Exit plan! If things aren’t going well and you are at your whit’s end YOU CAN GO BACK HOME.
  2. Training starts at home. One of my greatest mentors taught me the importanace of your children hearing and knowing their mothers voice. We are teaching our children to obey, to hear our voice,  and to listen without question. You wouldn’t want to be trying to warn them that a car was coming and they don’t hear you because they are distracted by a ball they are chasing. You want to be able to say their name firmly and in a volume they need; Jonny STOP and he without question immediately stops because he knows who said it and has learned to obey without question and he trusts you. It reminds me of the verse: John 10:27 My sheep know my voice….and they follow me. You can also practice having the children stay with you. use pretend play, holing hands and holding on to the cart and ect…
  3. Schedule outings around naps. 
  4. Park near the cart return. You can easily get little ones straight from the car to the cart and back again.
  5. Babywearing!!! I cannot express the importance of this. Wearing your newborn while your Chase the toddler, wearing your toddler on your back while you feed the baby. Wearing both LOL…kidding….ok not kidding.
  6. Frequent bathroom and snack breaks. it’s always good to just take everyone potty before you leave and possibly even when you arrive somewhere.
  7. Keep your attitude in check. Someone mentioned using your preschool teacher voice! I say, pray before you go. It’s easy to have a negative attitude when we are stressed and everyone is acting crazy. Go out expecting a couple bumps but also expecting to enjoy the time out.
  8. Don’t let others looks discourage you. Be confident in the team you and God make and wear that confidence.
  9. Treat yourself! Don’t forget to grab yourself a Dr. Pepper or Frappachino at the drive thru on your way home, you deserve it lol. (And don’t feel obligated to get the kids anything lol).

So whether your bbf  asks you to go to McDonald’s for a play date or you really need something from the store or you just need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE….DO IT!!! And if all else fails… you can always just go home!


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