Taking A Step Back

Taking a step back. Reviewing priorities. Making sure our basic needs are met. Making sure I'm doing things for his glory. Making sure I'm doing what I can as a homemaker. Getting back to the basics. Finding balance. Those are all the things I think of when I say I have really just needed to take… Continue reading Taking A Step Back


6 Thing Plan To Do Before Baby #6 Arrives

Actually make freezer meals and not just talk about them and pin them on pinterest. 2.Deep clean the house. Including some decluttering. 3. Plan some elective homeschool activities where the kids can learn by dvd or computer such as typing, and keyboard for my oldest and art and Spanish for the others. I'd also like… Continue reading 6 Thing Plan To Do Before Baby #6 Arrives


Sometimes Snuggling Babies Is Downright Annoying

Today I'm dealing with some old familiar feelings. Sometimes being a mom is no fun. Sometimes their neediness gets me so upset I can't see straight. Impatience... Discouragement... Frustration... Just a few of the feelings I'm dealing with today. And not just from them but from life in general. I feel like I just need… Continue reading Sometimes Snuggling Babies Is Downright Annoying

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Delicious Sugar Free Low Carb Chocolate Milk Recipe (kid approved)

About 3 months ago Thomas set out on a low carb journey while on a month long business trip. When he got back we decided we would go low carb sugar free as a family. Thomas has done very well and has only cheated once or twice. The rest of us on the other hand follow… Continue reading Delicious Sugar Free Low Carb Chocolate Milk Recipe (kid approved)

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The Most Important Battle

Grace.... Trenches... Motherhood.... What do you think of when those words are used together? Everyone of us is fighting a battle...or many different battles at once. But no matter what, as mothers we need to be sure we are fighting the main battle. The battle for our children's souls! Through every "don't call your brother… Continue reading The Most Important Battle